ThreadMaster One, One Part Rod Finish, Epoxy Rod Finish

ThreadMaster One, One Part Rod Finish, Epoxy Rod Finish

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ThreadMaster ONE is a unique one-part epoxy finish designed to combat the damaging effects of UV light, keeping your thread wraps tight and bright! ThreadMaster ONE is water-based and ready to apply straight out of the package - no mixing, shaking or stirring required!

Features & Benefits:

  • Non-Yellowing UV Inhibitors
  • Tougher than Standard Epoxy
  • More Flexible
  • Water Cleanup

How To Use ThreadMaster ONE

Unlike standard 2-part epoxy finishes, ThreadMaster ONE is a water-based, one-part finish, and these guidelines will help you get the best finished results.


  • Use straight from the bottle, there is no need to mix — DO NOT SHAKE OR STIR!
  • Observations showed negligible thread color changes after applying ThreadMaster ONE. 
  • Apply in temperatures above 67°F, any lower will greatly increase drying time — The warmer, the better. 
  • This is not a Color Preserver, so use CP if necessary in your particular thread application.
  • Since this is a water-based finish, after it is applied — the finish will dry and shrink slightly compared to its original application. 
  • It is generally recommended that the first coat just soak the thread with no buildup at all to help prevent any bubbles that might occur with thicker coats, so wick off any extra. If CP is used, then this step can be skipped. 
  • The 2nd coat can be thicker to account for the slight shrinkage once it dries.
  • 2 coats can achieve adequate buildup, but you definitely will in 3 coats.
  • For physical application to thread wraps, apply in the same manor you would a 2-part epoxy.
  • Turn on your rod dryer — Depending on the room temperature, allow at least 3 hours between each coat.
  • If any bubbles, the best ways to remove them include blowing them out with a thin straw, and using a toothpick, etc. to poke them out — FLAME WILL NOT WORK!
  • Allow at least 72 hours for full cure, but in cooler temperatures allow more time accordingly.