S Tackle 2.5 inch Fish Tail Minnow 3D soft plastic lure Colour Pilchard 3D
S Tackle 2.5 inch Fish Tail Minnow 3D soft plastic lure Colour Garfish 3D
S Tackle 2.5 inch Fish Tail Minnow 3D soft plastic lure Colour White Bait 3D

S Tackle Fish Tail Minnow 2.5" 5pcs/package Soft Plastic Fishing Lure

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These soft baits are designed with precision and innovation to take your fishing game to the next level. You will Revolutionize Your Fishing Game with these Innovative 3D Soft Baits. Experience a fishing adventure like never before with our range of ingeniously crafted soft baits, designed to redefine precision and innovation.

We provide a unique selection of lures in the form of Fish Tail Minnows. They appear to be underwater because of the realistic colours and patterns that are printed on them. Fish find our lures to be particularly alluring because of their complex details that give them a very lifelike appearance. With these lures, you may bravely imitate the natural prey of the fish you're hunting, increasing your chances of reeling one in.

These lures have been used extensively on bream Flathead and bass in the estuaries and dams to barra and snapper in the larger sizes. Flathead do really love them and they can be fished super slow or twitched like a fleeing baitfish because thats what they are. They are available in a range of life like colours and are one of the most versatile plastic lures on the market. (Bream, bass, flathead, estuary perch, snapper, yellow belly, jewfish, barra, coral trout and all other reef species.)


  • 3D Fish Profile
  • Durable Thermo Plastic
  • Strong, Soft, pliable realistic feel and stretchy
  • Available in a range of colours


  • Size: 2.5 inches
  • Quantity Per Pack: 5

The S Tackle Fish Tail Minnow is a soft plastic bait imitation fish lure capable of being used at multiple depths. It has to be rigged on a jighead or worm hook and can be fished with weight or weightless. It has long life-like tendrils that waft in the current. You can use this lure in estuaries, off beaches, in impoundments and offshore.
• The Fish Tail Monnow has to be rigged on a jighead or worm hook. Make sure it is rigged straight for the most lifelike action.
• Use a loop knot for the best action. It allows the lure to swim freely.
• It can be allowed to sink and worked back to the boat or shore with a hop off the bottom. Mix up the retrieve until you work out what the fish are responding to. Use multiple hops before letting the lure settle.
• This lure is ideal for very snaggy territory as it can be rigged weedless using a weighted worm hook or an unweighted worm hook.
• Use this lure on the surface rigged weedless on a worm style hook. This technique is dynamite in estuaries and offshore