Pioneer Tackle Premium Saltwater Monofilament Leader

Pioneer Tackle Premium Saltwater Monofilament Leader

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Proudly designed and developed in Singapore by Pioneer Tackle. Pioneer Tackle, constantly strive to provide quality fishing tackle.

"Pioneer Fishing are passionate about developing new and exciting products. That is why their Product Development team is always on the move, to ensure the latest fishing tackle trends are translated into reality. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do."

Pioneer Tackle have developed this premium Saltwater monofilament leader to be super strong while still supple, The reliable Mono leader.


  •      Super Strong
  •      Excelent Abrasion resistance
  •      Low Fatigue
  •      Great knot strengh
  •     20lb/9kg, 0.45mm Diameter, 100yds spool
  •     30lb/13.6kg, 0.50mm Diameter, 100yds spool
  •     40lb/18kg, 0.60mm Diameter, 100yds spool
  •     50lb/22.6kg, 0.65mm Diameter, 100yds spool
  •     60lb/27.2kg, 0.70mm Diameter, 25mtr spool
  •     800lb/36.3kg, 0.80mm Diameter, 100yds spool
  •     100lb/45.4kg, 0.90mm Diameter, 100yds spool