Pioneer BlackBerry ii Series
Pioneer BlackBerry ii Series

Pioneer BlackBerry ii Series

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Proudly designed and developed in Singapore by Pioneer Tackle. Pioneer Tackle constantly strive to provide quality fishing tackle.

Pioneer Fishing are passionate about developing new and exciting products. That is why their Product Development team is always on the move, to ensure the latest fishing tackle trends are translated into reality. We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do. Pioneer Tackle Anglers Ultimate Choice 

Pioneer Tackle have developed the BlackBerry Series reels to give quality hardwearing spin reels at a very affordable price. This BB series reel has quality Machine cut gears for increased resilience and longer durability, 3 quality ball bearings, are interchangeable left right handle and all have 5.2:1 gear ratios, Making that retrieve really motor. Combine this with the tough duel colour anodised aluminium spool and computer balanced rotor, make this reel a pleasure to use and one that sits with better balance in the hand. The BlackBerry ii BB series can be used just about anywhere added with the micro sensitive multi disk drag, the body and the line roller, indicate that these reels are going to be perfectly at home in all fishing environments. This is the perfect reel for kids and those who just want to dangle a line in the water and is an ideal inclusion in any tackle bag.



  • 3 Ball Bearings
  • Computer balanced Rotor
  • Duel Colour Anodised Aluminium Spool
  • Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear
  • Micro Sensitive Multi Disc Drag System
  • Die cast Power handle and Power Handle Knob



Model No:

Gear Ratio

Line Capacity (mm-m)

Max Drag (kg)

BB ii-4000




BB ii-6000