Fuji VSSSD deluxe spin reel seat Group
Fuji VSSSD deluxe spin reel seat top view
Fuji VSSSD deluxe spin reel seat with grip
Fuji VSSSD deluxe spin reel seat side view
Fuji VSSSD-CC deluxe spin reel seat Frosted silver white
Fuji VSSSD-GM deluxe spin reel seat Shiny Grey

Fuji VSSSD Deluxe Quality Graphite Reel Seat, 16, 17, Spinning Reel Seat

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Genuine Fuji component manufactured to Fuji stringent requirements.

 The new VSSSD deluxe versatile spinning reel seat designed by Fuji,

It improves overall strength and performance over standard reel seats and can be used with a much wider range of reels. The slim, smooth streamlined shape provides increased comfort and a superb fit for the angler's hand, It requires a special shaped grip which gives a sleek smooth finish to any rod. The curved hood supports the hand and fingers from the first cast to the last catch. Increased comfort and support leads to better rod performance!

VSSSD Reel Seats are lightweight, extremely tough and designed with a unique “collar” that not only looks stylish, but protects and reinforces cork and EVA in critical areas near the seat.

See Davestacklebag store for suitable EVA Duralon grips to suit these fabulous reel seats.



Inside Diameter

Outside Diameter



13mm (0.512")

 18mm (0.709")

120mm (4.724")


15mm (0.590")

 18mm (0.709")

120mm (4.724")


17mm (0.669")

20 mm (0.787")

120mm (4.724")