Fuji BCKLAG rod guide frosted black frame guide, group

Fuji Rod Guide BCKLAG Black Alconite Ring Single Foot Guide

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Genuine Fuji component manufactured to Fuji stringent requirements.

 BCKLAG are single leg guides with Frosted Black frame and Alconite ring. The Matching tip top guide include BCLGAT and BCMNAT. The "K" series concept guides are the first rod guides designed to "shed" tangles before they become a problem. KT is a medium-duty, single-foot K-Series guide with corrosion resistance and is frequently used as a belly guide or top guides.

K-Series Guides For Fuji’s New KR Concept Micro/Braid System

KR Concept is a game changer in terms of great performance at lighter weights. KR Guide frames are lighter than anyone could have imagined just a few years ago. Although Fuji developed the concept with special attention to the “micro” craze, in the final review they realized the parameters were appropriate for any braided line and for conventional “non-micro” rods as well. Ultimately, KR Concept has impact far beyond micro rods and is an advance in the performance of any rod using braid and most rods using monofilament or fluorocarbon lines. The K- Series Guides in this section are designed specifically for builders wanting to apply the KR Concept to a wide variety of finished rods.

KT Single-Foot guides are part of Fuji’s flagship K-Series guide selection, now the most complete and advanced guide “family” in the Fuji arsenal. Builders continue to move to K-Series guides for their tangle-free operation, in- credible frame strength, superb ring retention and striking good looks. Using K-Series frames, factories and custom builders alike can find what they need from ultra-light high frame strippers to new RV surf rod guides. K-Series includes products for both conventional and micro-rod builds, casting or spinning in a huge variety of rings and frame finishes.