Fishing Line respooling tensioner and line winding system with suction cup attachment

Fishing Line respooling Tensioner Winder Assistant with Turbo Suction Cap

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When spooling new line onto your reel it is critical that the line is spooled under tension. Reels holding line that is wound on either under variable tension ,or even worse slack or no tension will cause a problem called “bedding of line” when the line becomes under pressure.

bedding of line” is where the line cuts under itself. This issue is most serious when high drag pressures are required, like when you hook that line stripping species.

bedding of line” Is a leading cause of loosing that fish of a life time.

The Cobalt Blue line winder reduces that risk dramatically.


✔ Compact and lightweight, easy to remove and install.
✔ Multi-rotate aluminium spool holder, avoids line twist.
✔ Spring-loaded tension ensures even spooling.
✔ The suction cup can mounts firmly to any flat, smooth surface.

How to Put New Line On Your Reel?

Operation Steps:
1.Fix the aluminum spool holder to the vacuum suction cup.
2.Stick the spooler base to any smooth surface using the sucker.
3.Unlock the wing nut on the top and secure your new line in place.
4. Set the width to control how fast and the direction the line is released.

Technical Parameters:
Material: Aluminum & Rubber
Height: Approx.17cm; 
Suction cup diameter: 6.5cm
Weight: Approx. 122g
Main Color: Silver

Package included: 

1 * Fishing Line Spooler