EV M3A shaped front rod grip
Rod butt layout with Eva rod grips

EVA Evalon Foam Rod Grip | M3 A Series Shaped EVA Foam Front Grip

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EV M3 A Evalon grips are Suitable for light Spinning and casting reel seats and rod builds.  These Match EV M4 and EV M3B Shaped Rear Grips to complete the displayed rod grip set.



Length mm

ID mm

OD mm

EV M3A- 1/2

59 mm

12.5 mm

30 mm

EV M3A- 5/8

59 mm

15.8 mm

30 mm

 Measurements may vary slightly

 These grips are made from quality EVA Evalon foam. This EVA is a high density EVA which means that it will not feel too soft and the sensitivity is maximised. EVA is the most popular choice for custom fishing rods because they offer excellent value for money and is very long lasting. EVA is a material which has some flexibility and softness, is very tough in normal operating temperatures, generally stress-crack resistance, and resistant to UV radiation. 

Rod builders love EVA because it is so easy to work with. EVA is easy to ream out the inside to match your blank outside diameter. When applying EVA the slight elasticity in the material means so long as you don't ream out too much of the bore, the EVA grip will always e squeezing down onto your blank, making for stronger and more reliable bonding.

EVA grips can also be dressed up very nicely to break up the darkness of the black EVA. This can be either through selecting an EVA with colours or patterns such as our camouflage EVA, or EVA with the coloured inlays. Alternatively EVA can be reused using cork rings to combine with the EVA. Natural cork rings can be added together with rubberised cork rings, burled cork rings and some custom rod builders combine cork with EVA for an attractive contrasting effect.