200 mtr Spool of High tensile elastic bait thread
upwright view of 200 mtr Spool of High tensile bait thread
close up view of 200 mtr Spool of High tensile bait thread

Bait Thread, Elastic Bait Thread, High Tensile Fishing Bait Thread

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This elastic fishing thread is specially designed to attach the fishing bait to your hook and will hold the bait secure while casting and is ideal for attaching slow trolled dead baits of all sizes.
It is Especially good for soft baits like: whole dead baits, fish flesh, shrimp, crab, lugworm, chicken liver etc.
This elastic thread is very easy to use, no need to tie knots on the bait, you just wind the elastic thread around the bait, up & down, then break it off.
It features a specific gravity superior to water and it is lower visible.


Material: Elastic Band
Length: 200m / 656ft
Diameter: 0.15mm
Line Model: 2#
Color: White