Cutting edge lure black gold chrome
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Cutting edge lure green laser gold
Cutting edge lure green partial laser
Cutting edge lure magenta red gold
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Cutting Edge Lures Tiger Moth #2 125mm, +3mtr Diving Action Lure, Crank Bait

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Cutting Edge Lures are Australian designed lures for Australian fish and fishing conditions. The Tiger Moth #2 fishing lures are one awesome fishing lure that was developed by renowned Barramundi lure designer Rob Gaden and was originally hand carved from timber. Rob Gaden’s Barramundi lure designs have won more major Barra comps in Australia than any other lure maker in the last 2 decades. They are now made using the latest technology and come in a great colour range with a quality finish, some have high reflective surfaces. They have a fantastic stable diving action.

The Tiger Moth #2 lure will entice a strike from the likes of Barramundi, Saratoga and Salmon in the fresh water and is great trolled for Mackerel, Wahoo, Tuna, Cobia and Flathead, as well as cast at Mulloway, Tailor, Snapper and a whole list of reef species. This range of lures are tough and are rigged with quality durable components 5 x strong VMC hooks able to withstand harsh punishment and the general rigors of Australian fishing conditions. They are an absolute must in Dave’s Tackle Bag and a definite inclusion in the boat.


  • Model: Tiger Moth #2 .
  • Suitable for casting or trolling
  • Internal rattle
  • Tough Chemically Sharpened hooks
  • RUNNING DEPTH: 10 Feet
  • Cast weight 26gms
  • Quality split rings
  • Size of the lure is 125mm