Battery operated aquatic airator
Battery operated aquatic airator is the same size as a can of coke a cola

Cobalt Blue Portable Air Pump, Battery Operated Airator, Live Bait Airator

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Cobalt Blue Portable Air Pump D-200

This is a light and highly portable aquatic animal airator. It is ideal for use with live bait collection and short term animal storage and transportation. It comes with a great clip attachment which allows for easy attaching to a bucket or tank, flexible clear tubing, Airation stone. This is a light weight low noise air pump which has a generous air capacity and low power consumption.

Small Size -132mm x 145mm x 78mm
1.5V DC, 0.5 watt, 0.010 MPa
Light weight ,fully portable
Handy stainless steel clip
Quiet operation with low power consumption
High Polimer composite rubber diaphram

2 x D size batteries required (Batteries not included)