medium pink lumo glow beads 25 piece pack soft pink lumo beads
Large pink lumo glow beads 20 piece pack soft pink lumo beads

Cobalt Blue Pink Glow Beads, Fish Attractant, Soft Pink Glow Beads S, M, L

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Cobalt Blue Glow Beads, Soft Pink Glow Beads

These are the Pink glow beads used by more rig makers than any other. Not onlydo they work great for rigging high speed trolling lures, they increase bite when used on fishing rigs for Snapper, Grouper, Sea Bass, Cod, Bream and Flathead. - And they can't be beat on Deep drop rigs. Add them to your rigs and watch your catch rates soar.
These are also a great way to protect your line where you tie off swivels and hooks.