Centerpin blackfish reel economy Black fish reel 888 100mm diameter reel

BlackFish Reel 888 Economy 100mm Centerpin Fishing Reel

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Centrepins give you the ability to let a float drift unencumbered, they let you maintain your line easily, they don't introduce line twist, they allow direct contact when playing a fish and they are easy to maintain. Perfect for the Blackfish fisherman. 

Centrepin fishing reels maintain their cult following, and it's not just admiration of the expert engineering and design. These reels offer so much control that you can achieve smooth, even drag-free, drifts. Centrepin reels give you a more exciting experience, bringing you closer to the fish with a one-to-one retrieve.

The economy Kingsheng 888 centrepin Blackfish reel is the ideal starter reel to get into the art of float fishing



  • Smooth 2 bearing drive
  • Precision performance
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Pressed metal frame
  • Free spin or anti reverse spool features
  • 100mm large arbour reel
  • 20mm width spool
  • Ratchet on/off feature
  • Weighs only 150g