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Berkley Spin Bomb, Surface Lure

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The Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait is going to appeal to the inshore angler looking to generate some surface action with Aussie Perch species and our moody and aggressive Bass. Summer Bream are likely to be a solid option for the salties when fished in the shallows at dawn and dusk when the water is calm.

The great feature of the Berkley Spin Bomb Prop Bait lure is that is so easy to use and generate peak action. That doesn’t imply the Spin Bomb is designed for the novice. In pre-ordering, big numbers of the Spin Bomb were snapped up in the USA by tournament pro anglers.

The obvious feature is the two props. Constructed from plastic, the unique cup design and blade pitch delivers a surface splash, spray and noise like noise other propeller lure on the market. The pro anglers love it, and the fish simply can’t get enough.

At 60 mm in length, you attract interest from a broad class of fish. The 6 gram weight is easy to cast with distance as the tail weighting ensures a beautiful flight through the air. Braid is definitely recommended to maximise performance.

Twitch it, rip it, or simply reel it across the surface to generate peak action. Get up hard to the banks and structure and right into the weed beds where your target is waiting for you. The Berkley Spin Bomb Lure for sale now floats, so fish the structure aggressively.